Mysteries gifted to us.

Life has a way of unfolding its many mysteries, in such a way that quite often we over look them.

Maybe we're expecting some eye popping, fireworks to wake us from our day to day routines and slumber.

Or a huge magical hammer to hit us over the head.

So much of it is just a way of LIFE's subtle way of nurturing us.

A lot of what we're given in LIFE are a GIFT.

It's up to us to receive, embrace it and be enlightened by them.

We each have our own fires burning inside, and it's up to us to take LIFE's GIFTS and use them to keep stoking the ambers.

How we use them, misuse them or ignore them altogether... is entirely up to us.

These gifts are meant to expand our minds and our hearts.

Yet in the process they each help us be more successful and or create more opportunities to succeed.

Make it a great dia and an even better week!

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