We are 100% self-fulfilling.

I've had a pretty adventurous life.

Traveled a lot overseas and down south as far as Valvidia, Chile.

But I have been blessed here at home.

I have been blessed with a great family, friends and neighbors.

I've made the biggest inroads and enjoyed the greatest success, when I worked hard at fulfilling a purposeful space.

Whether at home, at school, in the military or at the office. 

We all have the power to make our dreams a reality.

We must change the mindset that we're destined to only certain successes or a specific level of success.

We've all heard the old idiom that says, "In Life one doesn't ever get everything they want."

This sophomoric logic is not only negative but tends to create self doubt and uncertainty about one's abilities.

This leads to a sense of insecurity, which spirals quickly to hesitation and indecision.

It makes us steer off course or at the very least compromises our goals and expectations.

I don't know about you but I can't imagine driving on such a narrow road.

What I do know is that what we "think" and our own personal "outlook" are 100% self-fulfilling.

If we set our expectations low, then expect that life will work out according to your set standard.

Truth is we will always fulfill our expectations.

Low or Tall.

On a previous post I wrote about being what we "think".

Many great philosophers view that life is an expression of the mind.

I too am a firm believer in attracting the outcomes on which I focus on and think about.

Everything I have ever achieved, I achieved because I wanted it "bad" enough.

I never give up and I am constantly reaching.

I totally believe that if we can think it, we can achieve it.

We all have the power to shape the reality of our success and our lives.

Make it a great dia!

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