When your job becomes a commodity.

We become so conditioned to the, "What's in it for me?" concept thinking.

Even day to day satisfaction has become the means to an end.

I am all for working hard and rewarding ourselves.

What I have a problem with the mindset of only doing those things for some distant benefit.

When we only do things to get an end result benefit, we end up devaluing the experience itself.

Even at work - when you start thinking that you are working solely for the paycheck and benefits, you devalue what you do each day.

You devalue your "work life" experience.

Unfortunately you also even begin to forget the excitement, challenge or love you may have had for it.

When you forget (or never had) the love for the very job that rewards you, that unique experience becomes a commodity.

It becomes something you are willing to take or leave, comparison shop or trade. 

Your attention will not be in the "Present" experience.

When we are focused on anything other then what is in front of us NOW, we devalue it and can't enjoy the experience that it brings and that we are living.

We miss the reward of our day to day accomplishments and successes.

Soon there are no binding ties to the joy, excitement, or the challenges.

We begin to go through the motions and do things, anything, just because we have to.

Life has never been a means to an end.

Although the “end” may include some nice-sounding “purpose”.

The truest meaning of LIFE is actually living LIFE to its fullest extent we can.

Life’s purpose is life itself.

In other words, life’s purpose is every moment of the "present" day.

It is a combination of everything you are doing and everything you are experiencing.

Start enjoying all of the day to day benefits and reward NOW!

Live - Love - Grow!

Make it a great dia!

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