You are your company's BEST Ambassador.

Many years ago I worked for a research lab and at our front desk was a petite, very witty lady (one that I am still friends with), I'll call Shirl.

She was and is an amazing woman; very funny, extremely outgoing, had a great attitude and was always enthusiastic.

She was an important member of our scientific staff of 160 colleagues.

Shirl also wore many hats; front desk receptionist, switch phone operator, security administrator as well as the "unofficial" counselor and positive attitude dispenser.

She also had a tremendous impact on every visitors' perception that entered our front doors.

This petite woman was our company's unofficial Ambassador and a "force multiplier" of good will.

Twenty-five years later I found a "Shirl" half way across the USA in Memphis, Tennessee.

I was there to meet with the Vice President of a Fortune 500 company.

As I entered their front doors I met a wonderful lady named Francis.

With genuine enthusiasm for her company and her responsibilities, Francis' positive energy was contagious.

Everyone that entered was greeted warmly and I was no exception.

She treated me like family and made my visit a uniquely memorable and positive experience.

Moreover she secretly "inoculated" me with a special serum that made me want to become part of their family.

Within minutes we were having a great conversation.

She knew the history of this company; not because she had paid attention when she read about it in some Employee manual, but because she had lived it.

Francis told me she had been happily working for this amazing company a total of 49 years!

Now that says something about a company and the laws of reciprocal loyalty.

Moreover, what better brand marketing then a genuine spokesperson and Ambassador.

In Life and in business first impressions are important and "Perception is King."

Perception starts the moment a visitor, or customer walks through your front doors or calls in and speaks to a member of your staff.

Can you imagine the marketing power a company could have, if every member of their staff tried to be more like Francis?

Whether at work or as you go about your personal life we all represent something.

You represent everything about ourselves, who we are, our upbringing, our culture as well as who you work for.

What can you do today to be your company's BEST Ambassador?

Make it a great dia!

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