Communication is vital to any relationship.

I read somewhere that we should work to understand, rather than be understood.

What an amazing proposition you would think.

Understanding others is an ongoing learning process.. to be able to really express to one another without censoring one's emotions and thoughts.

To be able to feel and understand what the other person is sharing without judgment.

You may have been told about the importance of developing interpersonal communications -

you may have even read books on the subject,

but I have found that the best way you can develop it..  

is with genuine practice. 

Learn to listen.

Work at understanding rather then interrupting and asking to be understood.

Next time you're conversing...

pause and think before you speak..

and be sure that you are as clear as possible with the message you want heard.

Finally remember my version of the three C's:

Communicate respect for self;

Communicate respectfully to others;

and Communicate in such a way that you take responsibility for what you've spoken.


Make it a great dia. 

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