Embracing our living treasure.

Last night I was reading about a young veteran coming home from Afghanistan with a TBI or traumatic brain injury.

A young enlisted man who had graduated from college years ago... but chose to enlist in the US Army instead of accepting a high paying job on Wall Street.

I wondered how many of our young men and women will come home whole?

How many will come home as weakened heroes from the foreign battles they fought valiantly in?

Beautiful men and women who departed strong and are now returning with emotionless faces.

They estimate that one in five will return with TBI or PTSD.

They are coming home by the thousands.

Standing tall with no one knowing about the wounds, the loneliness and pain they carry.

These brave souls are our country's "living treasure.

"Live" heroes, that were fortunate to not come home in a flag draped coffin.

Yet their memories don't remain on the battlefields or some military action report.

They bring their chaos home - embedded in their minds and seared into their souls.

They are among us.

Yearning for a new day, a new beginning.

Many are returning to an unsettled life.

Some are returning to face unemployment.

Years of surgeries and even more years of rehabilitation.

They need our support, they need us.

Who will remember them?

Will you?

The next time you know about one or pass one of them.

Or start by calling the VA or veteran hospital in your area and inquire about their veteran's support groups.

Thank them and their families.

Stay warm and Make it a great dia!

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