Happy Valentine's Day querida Viejita y mia Apa!

St. Valentines' Day is here!

A day for cards, flowers and dinners and many new memories to create.

It made me think of the people I have loved and have loved me.

Have you ever had a test of your strength of love?

I've had a few.

Thanks to the tutelage of my two greatest teachers I was able to Ace the vast majority of them.

Tests where the only possible solution was my having to "love" my way through.

In a world where the going "one's separate way", is the theme of the decade..

or where "separation" is the order of the day..

it's hard to believe that there are still people today that even the passage of time or adversity could never separate them from their true love.

Today I fondly remember my own parents and their love story.

A few of you may have heard it.

I love telling it.

But more importantly they served as living examples of eternal love to anyone that ever came to know them.

Their love kept them together, or as I like to brag, "they truly loved their way through all adversity."

They might have even called themselves soulmates, if the term had been in mode back then.

They could have been each other's other hand.

Or that what really mattered was that they were perfect for each other.

Not that they were perfect in a human sort of way, but they led by example and worked to be the best that they could be for one another.

They never thought of wasting time simply trying to make things work, they knew that their relationship was worth fighting for.

And they fought valiantly through many difficult challenges to make sure that "life" worked out.

What strengthened their love, what truly united their marriage was the conviction of wanting to spend the rest of their lives together.

As the children arrived and with each one bringing more responsibilities… they treasured each of us.

They made us feel as if we each brought them even greater happiness.

I feel blessed to have been loved in a million and one ways.

Blessed that I had these two wonderful people in my world for as long as I did.

Two very loving and incredibly nurturing people who God chose to have them accompany me on my great journey, that is life.

Happy Valentine's Day "VIEJITA and you too APA!"

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