It is only as hard as you make it.

I was asked recently how I would successfully sell an idea, a concept, value, a service or myself?

Over the years I've developed "sales" confidence.

I've learned to be persistent.

You will encounter obstacles and objections, as they are all every day occurances whether in a relationship, at home or in slaes.

It’s what you do when faced with these slight barriers that determine your overall level of success.  

You also have to learn to be tenacious.

Refuse to give up at least not right away.

Be a goal setting Queen or King.

Make sure that your goals are specific, challenging, and make sure that you give them a specific time-frame to achieve.

Then I like to visualize exceeding all my targets or goals!

Never forget to ask probing or as I prefer to say, quality questions.

Know your deal.

Know your service or product.

Then deliver the most effective presentation you can.

Listen and uncover your customer's goals, objectives, concerns and watch closely for their hesitations.

Every customers I ever spoke with told me everything I needed to know - so give them all the right opportunities.

Ask quality questions and listen carefully to their specific responses, then personalize their solution.

Above all you have to be passionate.

Be proud and exude affection for your company!

The more passionate you are about your company and your services the greater the chance of succeeding.

The reason for this is simple; when you love what you do you are going to put more effort into your work.

If you are passionate about the services you are selling, your enthusiasm will shine brightly in every conversation.

On the other hand if you aren’t genuinely excited about selling your particular product or service, you should give serious consideration to making a change.

You are not doing yourself, your company or your customers any favors by continuing to represent something you can’t get excited about.

I always expect enthusiasm from anyone calling on me whether on the phone or in person.

Be enthusiastic!

I have found that a positive attitude and enthusiasm are both contagious.

Finally hold yourself accountable.

Take responsibility for your results.

A great sales person doesn't blame internal problems, leads, lack of call, or anything else if they fail to meet their targets.

Your actions will always determine your results.

You have to work hard and smart. 

Be prepared to work hard to achieve success.

Remember sales superstars don’ t wait for business to come to them.

So be prepared to get after it and "bird dog it longer then everyone else.

Successful people make all their calls or contacts count.

Give the best sales presentations on every call.

Successful sales people ensure that they show value.

Today’s business world is more competitive than ever, but don't think that price is the only motivating buying factor in your customer's mind.

Price maybe a factor in every sale but it is seldom the primary reason they choose a particular supplier over another.

Today's buyers are much better informed and will base much of their decision on the value proposition presented to them.

You must create this value with each prospect.

You must create a sense of urgency.

You must have confidence that you will close the deal.

You will accomplish this each time because you are a GREAT SALESPERSON!

Make it a great dia!

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