Learn to circle your wagons.

Have you ever been confronted by some situation that has led to moments of deep frustration and intense anxiety?

I've certainly had my share.

I am fortunate that my military experience has really honed my adaptability and resilience.

Although surrendering is not something we were taught and for that matter I readily do, I will give any challenge my ultimate effort.

If for whatever reason I am still faced with impending failure, then and only then will I re-access surrendering.

Much like the circling of the wagons in the old westerns I too will do and try every possible solution before giving up.

It is only at this point (when the dust has settled), that I might accept the situation and surrender.

I then apply a regroup mentality and go from surrender to acceptance quickly.

I have found that by accepting a hard fought surrender, I am able to release all tension, frustration and anxiety.

It also allows time to create inner balance and gives me an opportunity to learn the lesson I was posed.

I believe every situation, no matter how dire.. has a solution.

Every battle won or lost have lessons to be learned.  

Every success or failure also brings opportunity.

Make it a great dia!

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