A LOVE wave...

I have never understood people that say, "I think I could fall in LOVE"..

or "In time I could fall in LOVE."

Maybe if you are talking about an ugly couch you received as a gift..

or an unusual  knick knack that your Tía (Aunt) gave you.

But when you meet that special one, LOVE can be pretty amazing.

LOVE one's innermost heartfelt and spontaneous emotion you will ever feel.

A response that is at times unexplainable.

If you have for what ever reason not fallen LOVE in some time, it is never too late to start.

Say to yourself inside, "I LOVE."

Use these words often - in your thoughts, spoken softly, or out loud and then watch how your life will change.

Surrender to your new awareness and allow LOVE to unfold the purpose of creation to you.

Make it a great dia! 

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