Memories are eternal.

Friendships can either bring us complete happiness on one end or moments where we feel as if our hearts have been ripped out at the other. 

Happy moments always seem to pass more quickly then the say the sad ones.

But in reality everything in life is never as bad as it seems and quite temporary. 

I have found that our heartache isn't ever permenant nor persistant.

The truth is that people come into our lives and we may come to know briefly and others we may know for years. 

While the impact they make in our lives isn’t always tied to the time we know them, their impact is more dependent on the level of closeness. 

Heartache is more to do with how much we shared or revealed of ourselves. 

The deeper the relationship, the more pain we might experience from the loss of that person no longer being in our lives. 

Although we can’t totally control how long people will be a part of our lives, we can control how best to deal with their departure. 

Hopefully in time there will be opportunities for the friendship to be renewed. 

If nothing else we can reflect on the happy moments and remember the good memories.

Regardless of what happens tomorrow the memories are eternal. 

The memories are ours to enjoy.

Make it a great dia!

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