Thanks friend.

Ever wonder about the friendships you've made?

Just how much they mean to you?

I was thinking about a special friend last night...

Here's what I said...

I love that you've chosen to be my friend.

Distance and time have not made a difference.

Still I am grateful for the friendship that you profess to me,

And for all my defects you never seem to notice,

For the values that you constantly stimulate,

For the Faith that you nurture within me,

For this Peace that we've always enjoyed,

For the bread of Love that we've shared,

For the silence that says it all,

For that slight glance that makes me think twice,

Or by that glance that says...

"Dear Friend, you must keep going forward!",

I love you for never pushing me away and yet not always acquiescing,

For the purity of these traits,

For being present at all times, even though you are absent,

For being happy when you see me content,

For being sad when I am sad,

For laughing with me when I am glad,

For reprimanding me when I have been grossly mistaken,

For every secret that you've kept,

And your confidence to share yours, and

For realizing that unworthy as I may be,

I have your constant love,

For all this and much more I say to you..

I am sincerely grateful.

To call you "friend".

Call a friend and let them know you're thinking about them.

Make it a relaxing weekend and a great dia!

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