Someone is watching you.

Living a more grateful LIFE, is not just about honoring the people we are close to, but, being open to receive the charity, wisdom, and generosity of others.

And allowing perfect strangers to touch and empower our lives. 

They all have powerful teaching moments for us.

Observing a rude customer's behavior to a waiter..

and knowing how never to treat another.

Allowing a road rager to get the so called last laugh..

knowing you have more certainty of being home safe to your loved ones after a slight delay.

A sick child clinging to his mother at the neighborhood pharmacy..  

prompting you to remember to go home and nurture your loved one...

even if they aren't sick.

We have no idea who might be observing us 

there in the distance,

reacting to our actions,

and making changes in their own lives based on what they observed. 

We affect not only those near and dear to us, but also all those that may have just happened to see us.. 

Be the best you can be, live the LIFE you are meant to live, FORGIVE your past, LOVE yourself and CREATE your "best" future.  

Make it a great día!

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