Suppressed emotions.

Have you ever suppressed your emotions - suppressed what you were feeling? 

Maybe because you were afraid of another's reaction,

maybe you were afraid to share your feelings,

or felt that it was better to just leave things unspoken?

I was always taught to be frank, honest and open minded.

That it was never a good thing to remain silent and worse yet say nothing. 

Quite often we take the easy way out and hope that whatever we are feeling will pass -

or we will get over it. 

The truth is that when we suppress what we feeling, we are minimizing them -

almost making them less worthy of their existence.

We end up burying them under the surface…

and certain to pop out at the most inappropriate time. 

I was taught that it was always best to face our emotions,

to honor them in a way wherer we worked through them,

and more importantly understood them.

Suppressing or ignoring feelings causes pain and confusion.

You know the feeling - out of no where you get the sense of melancholy, sadness or heartache.

Looking back there may have been something from our past that was triggered by someone's words or a certain song or memory. 

Suppressed emotions have a long lifeline.

It's when we don't process them that they never go away. 

Deal with what it is you need to deal with without becoming that emotion.

You will be much better off - and glad you did.

Make it a great dia!   

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