20 qualities of SUCCESSFUL people..

I do a lot of reading, I especially like biographies.

Over the years I have enjoyed reading about the lives of great people like Ghandi, Churchill, Vanderbuilt, Kennedy, Schwartzopf, and Adams to name a few.

All seem to have brought many great personal qualities to their work… some of their common qualities were:

1. Hard work

2. Ethics

3. Sincerity

4. Creativeness

5. Positiveness

6. Organization

7. Preperation

8. Humor

9. Focus

10. Resourcefulness

11. Passion

12. Resilience 

13. Quick thinking

14. Tough mindedness   

15. Self confidence

16. Thick skin?

17. Willingness to take risks

18. Competitiveness

19. Patience

20. Persistence

What qualities can you add from your list of gifts and talents?

How are you bringing them to your daily labour?

Make it a successful dia!

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