Angels to the rescue...

Children matter, they are important.

This young boy in Cd. Juarez holds up a sign that says, "My future is uncertain - need solution now."

Children matter to me.

They have a right to grow up and fulfill their own destinies.

To live in a safe environment, one distant from the physical scarring, brutal sounds and devastating emotions. 

To be able to grow up and enjoy their educational lives.

Not fear walking to school and being ambushed by some crazed (sicario).

They too deserve a chance to grow up and one day maybe have a family and children of their own.

Most of all children everywhere deserve to live.

Without them there are no future.

The violence in Mexico runs the risk of scarring generations to come. 

Without these children there won't be other Mexican generations.

They are orphans mired in a violent way of life; moreover one not of their choosing.

Orphans whose parents didn’t die, but were murdered.

Without these children there are no more descendants, and no one to carry their legacies.

The children of Ciudad Juarez have long needed our support, our protection and love.

The loss of their parents attributed to the cruelest of all separations, murder.

We must work to  put them back on the right path.

We can’t abandon them, they are crying for help, they need and are depending on you.

The children of Juarez can't be someone's forgotten legacy.

Though they may not be in your life - and distance may separate you from them - they are our in essence your legacy too.

Our role in saving them is crucial.

What we do today will have a profound effect on their social, emotional and intellectual development.

I know you may already have a lot on your plates.

But they need us more then you will ever know.

They no longer have anyone to drop them off at school,

to attend their school plays,

attend a parent-teacher conference

or someone to stay home with them when they are sick.

Parents mattered to these now orphaned children.

Though they may be hundreds or thousands of miles away,

you and I as a society must play that unique and distinctive role now missing in their lives.

We don’t have to be parents and or have parenting skills –

the time and gifts we share today will defintely have long term benefits to each one of them. 

We must let these children know someone cares... that we care. 

Their losses are profound.

These children loved their parents and they mattered to their parent.

They meant the world to their Mothers and their Fathers.

There are a lot of things we can do.

Together we can be a part of their lives and their welfare.

We can be that pivotal force that will help them heal,

progress emotionally,

socially and intellectually.

They will need someone to listen to their problems and be emotionally available.

They will need intensive outpatient psychological therapy and PTSD treatment.

But one step at a time.

Let’s first work to find a way to help keep them safe.

Text JUAREZ TO 85944 Reply "YES" to confirm a $10.00 donation to "AMOR POR JUAREZ."
Your 501(c)3 DONATION will help raise awareness and provide essential support to vunerable youth of Cd. Juarez, Mexico who are affected by the drug violence.

I am encouraged by your responses, your involvement and pledges.

I am sincerely grateful and encouraged.

This cause will teach us a lot about ourselves, and about the degree of generosity we hold within.

It will also be telling of the courage of the heart, which together will yield a sustained difference in a distant child’s world.  

Let's make it a great dia for more then just us this beautiful Sunday.

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