Finding a way out...

We all have experienced heartache, sadness and emotional pain.

Some of us have also been affected by a deeper loss and known depression intimately.

Depression can be devastating.

There is a loneliness that comes with taking on life's burdens.

A quiet desperation. 

We wake up feeling sad, exhausted from the previous night's insomnia,

and the only energy you have is spent on a really bad mood upon awakening.

The day comes and with it your feeling of anger, sadness, frustration,

disappointment and misery.

I have found helpful accepting whatever loss you are experiencing,

and giving expression to what I am feeling.

I then write my feelings and experiences in a journal, 

or go and seek out someone I trust,

or can talk openly and honestly to.

Yet sometimes, nothing helps, except getting through it.

And one of the best ways to “get through it” is to do something radical in the way you care for yourself. 

Stop and take the time to nurture - no more than that... pamper yourself.  

Now is the time when you need it most.

No one knows you better than you.

Purposely withdraw from the day's routine.

Take time to do something out of the normal for yourself.

Take a long nature walk.

Go sit in an open park and take in some rays.

Fill up your tub and take a long hot bubble bath.. yes, even us hombres. 

If you’re at the office, consider going home early so you can take in a movie. 

Now's the time to give yourself a much needed mental health day everyone kids about.

There is no shame... everyone will experience depression in their lifetime.

Some will experience a more lengthy type.

And for this chronic sadness you might want to seek medical help.

But that doesn’t mean you are stuck and may not pull through.

Any small burst of energy is what should be leveraged to take the smallest of actions.

All you need is to change your perspective and you'll soon begin to turn things around. 

I have experienced depression and the best way that I was able to see my way through the darkness, was to connect with someone.

When I have experienced depression, I have had someone lead me out.

You don't have to accept life as it is now. 

All sadness is temporary.

You don't have to go through life exhausted, depressed, or stressed. 

Visualize waking up each morning with joyful heart and abundant positive energy that will carry you throughout the day.

There is always HOPE.

Depression blinds us to that fact.

If we can somehow hold on to our HOPE, we can find a way to get through it.

Live - Love - Grow.

Make it a great dia! 

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