Forgiving heart

I was having a deep conversation about religion and God with a friend that is an Atheist. 

They say it is best to leave the topics of religion and politics out of our conversations but with my ex-Foreign Legion amigo it's tough.

He is very opinionated and will try and run roughshod over any unsuspecting being. 

Yet no matter our beliefs, he and I have had a twenty five year friendship and over the many years some pretty deep conversations.

I believe that when it comes to religion, we must engage one another without malice or contempt in our hearts.

My friend is having a hard time forgiving his son.

They had a business together and his son quit.

Although he was hurting, he was too proud to admit that he missed his son not being in his life anymore.

This morning I pray that they each find a forgiving heart..

and that God in someway hears their pained voices..

and helps them reconcile their differences. 

Make it a great día!

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