HE has risen...

Way beyond the religious celebrations, the lectures, special luncheons, and dinners, as well as the parties with lots of candy and egg hunts and chocolate bunnies..

Easter has a much deeper meaning for me. 

It's of historical significance and its true meaning touches me on a much deeper level. 

I do believe that Jesus rose from the grave. 

HIS resurrection is the single most important belief that I hold in my faith system. 

It's the foundation for just about everything else that I believe. 

Today we celebrate this important holiday.

God sent HIS son Jesus into our world to live a life that showed us what God the Father was like. 

He taught us how to love and serve others, he brought us closer to HIS truth.

He died on that cross as a means of purchasing our acceptance and forgiveness from God. 

You see, God is Holy, which means He is absolutely perfect. 

He can't, by His very nature, have any direct relationship with sin. 

That poses a major problem for us all, because as the Bible states, Roman's 3:10,23, "We are far from perfect and need forgiveness from our many sins.  

Then comes Jesus! 

For it was His sacrificial death that made it possible for us to have fellowship with God.

HIS perfection made up for our own imperfection. 

The blood and death HE experienced paid the punishment of our wrong doing.

God could then uphold justice while still loving and forgiving us.

After Jesus died on the cross, they took Him down, and placed Him in a secure tomb.

Now what if that story had stopped there?

We might have room to doubt whether or not Jesus’ death truly meant anything. 

Was He just another religious leader that lived, who was martyred, and is now in the grave? 

I believe with every ounce of my being… that the answer is no. 

The message of Easter is that HE is NOT in that grave, and that HE arose victoriously.

And His resurrection was not random; for it was clearly foretold by the prophets of old and by Himself on numerous occasions, but don't take my word for it please read Luke 18:32,33. 

You see it was God’s plan all along. 

Jesus wasn't just another man or even another great teacher, but He really was God’s son who came to be and live forever and ever. 

When HE arose, it was God’s way of saying that HIS sacrifice on the cross fully atoned for all of our sins. 

Because of this, you and I are now free to be loved and forgiven by God, to be His child unconditionally.   

HIS offer of eternal life is real and proven.

Because of what we celebrate today, we can have hope beyond this world, hope of an eternity spent in a place called Heaven.

A heaven where there is no pain or violence or poverty or sickness or anything else that currently hurts us in this life. 

That’s the special message of Easter. 

Our Jesus lived, died, and was raised again, and because of that you and I can believe in a life and a world to come with full access to it.

We will leave our earthly journey and by God’s grace and mercy one day join HIM in heaven.

That’s what Easter means to me! 

Everlasting Life - Love - Forgiveness 


Make it a great Easter dia!

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