Inspire someone.

My blog allows me to share many personal experiences and my life story -

if only a few short sentences at a time.

I have been fortunate to have met some pretty powerful and influential people in my lifetime.

World leaders, men of honor, others of the cloth..  educators, singers, warriors,

women who changed lives, healers, celebrities, musicians, actors and entertainers.

Some I have admired because of their character.

Others because of their accomplishments. 

No matter who it was  or is, I have found that I can learn something from how

 they have lived. 

Although a few people I have met are truly great by our worldly standards. 

I have also been as inspired by the reasoning of 6 year old who discovered how a simple

magnifying glass created fire...

as I have by a dear friend who was awarded many patents and currently heads his

amazing RFID technology company. 

Still every human being has the ability to be an inspiration to someone else.

Be that inspiration!

Someone, somewhere is watching..

and yearning to follow in your footsteps.

Live - Love - Grow!

Make it a great dia!

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