Love them more...

A dear friend lost his only son yesterday.

My friend although a tough, ex-Foreign Legion soldier finds himself inconsolable.

Death has a way of equalizing even the toughest of men.

He has lost his son, business partner, and friend.

Oscar' death took us all by surprise.

It makes us realize that every day spent with a loved one is precious.

Sadly it reminds us that nothing in life lasts forever.

And any time we waste, will never be recovered. 

Even though we are all aware that we don’t live forever..

somehow we seem to go about our life ignoring this fate. 

Yesterday, as I tried to console about my dear friend,

I was reminded of the connection I had to my own Mother..

and the emptiness I still feel at times.

It has been after all, almost eight months since she passed away.

It made me more cognizant of the loved ones in my life.

How we need to make the most of our relationships, while we still have them. 

To try and capture the essence and spirit of those that may one day leave us behind.

To praise them and be grateful for having made our lives better. 

To work on a daily basis and every moment to connect with,

to listen to..

and to truly get to know them.

Together celebrate our lives and to give thanks.

To realize just how blessed we have been for having had them on this earthly journey.

Life is brief, and no matter what age we are when they leave us behind…

we all need to make every effort to love and nurture them.

We should always try to make time to show those we love,

just how much that they matter.  

Leave the mowing out one weekend and go visit a relative instead,

skip a day of work and go hang out with the kids at the park..

or take your spouse to an unexpected nice lunch date. 

Capture the moments you have while you still have them.

Adios Oscar, mi fiel amigo. 

Make it a reflective kind of dia!

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