Magnifying Tip

We all talk about focus - about truly concentrating on our goals and zeroing in on the important stuff.

So how does one do that?

The best lesson comes form a simple magnifying glass.

On even the sunniest day, the most expensive or powerful magnifying glass will not ignite a dry piece of paper if you keep moving the magnifying glass.

But once you stop and focus it on one spot, the paper will light up.

Now that's the power of concentration.

As a child one of my fondest memories comes from a traveling salesman giving me a wooden handled magnifying glass. 

I would focus it on anything that was within my three foot reach.

I remember burning ants, praying mantis, caterpillers and even some rattle snake eggs... good thing their Mother never showed up.

I also burned some dry leaves, a hole in a burlap sack, and almost caused a field fire when I burned some dry grass. 

Anything that happened to be lying around that summer got zeroed in.

I even tried it on my arm and when that ended up hurting,

I just had to try it on my younger brother (who to this day is a pretty fast runner).

So what makes a magnifying glass burn stuff?

It's the concentrating on one object, of course.

You take the magnifying glass, focus the sun's rays in a pinpoint on whatever you're concentrating on and in no time it is set ablaze.

If only more of us would take this simple principle of the magnifying glass,

and integrating it into our approach for personal success...

what a difference we could make.

When we use a non-concentrated approach to accomplishing our work or a task,

it will likely take us longer to accomplish it.

But what if we really concentrated on it, and used all of our energy at achieving the task?

We could really get things done and fast.

If you want to start a fire in your life, remember the magnifying glass approach..

CONCENTRATE your energies on what you want to see LIGHT UP!

Make it a great dia!

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