A new day and a fresh start.

The Easter celebration got me thinking about starting anew…

about making amends and starting fresh.

I wrote up a few things I am going to do…

Forget the past.

Not over worry about stuff too much - most of all the stuff I have no control over.

Reach out to my neighbors more.

Do a better job of staying in touch with relatives and old friends.

I have done a good job so far, but really work at avoiding owing anyone - anything.

Love my family even more.

Forgive myself.

Forgive others especially anyone that I may be having difficulty with. 

Look for things around me that take my breath away.

Make it a daily thought to help someone.

Expect that miracles will happen.

Play the hand I've been given smarter.

Do and say what matters.

What will you do differently?

We're all given a fresh start. 

Make it a great día!

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