A sense evoked journey.

I believe that memories are woven into the sense tapestries we cover ourselves with.

Memories so powerfully connected to our senses that they evoke near aparitions. 

Whenever I smell White Shoulders, I immediately am taken to my Viejita's (Mother's) side. 

When I smell cherry tinged pipe tabacco I am painting side by side my Father.

Then there are songs that I when hear them, remind me of the moment from my past when it was playing.

"La Bikina" a beautiful mariachi song takes me back our 1977 back yard wedding.

A Commodores song called "Still" reminds my of my son's 1979 birth.

When I hear the whistling spring winds, I am taken back to the village.

Memories of quiet nightime walks by the gentle Bavispe river. 

When I feel a strong wind and rain upon my face,

it brings to mind memories of the long force marches and comaraderie from my military days.

When I look up on a clear moonlight night and see the millions of stars..

 I am at once standing on a hilltop among the cedars of the Gabal Lubnan.

Let your senses be your guide.

Make it a great dia!

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