It takes inspired change.

We all have great days, not so great days and bad days.

It's all about what we do with them.

I was speaking to the latest team of folks we hired recently.

I spoke about team work, about accountability, about positive attitude and about purpose.

Quite often we end up short selling ourselves.

We convince ourselves that one lackluster day defines us somehow...

Yet we are in control of the outcome.

We are the ones in the driver's seat.

Are you living your LIFE the way you meant it to be lived?

Do you think that you are actually living LIFE to its potential.

If you are like some people you tend to accept LIFE -

good or bad as somehow part of our destiny.

With that mindset you will end up living in the shadows.

Peering onto the arena, and imagining what your life could be.

Day dreaming of the LIFE that you were meant to live.

So how can we make our lives better?

I need to ask you a few questions…

Why do you wake up each day?

What is driving you to go to work or school?

We all need a purpose in LIFE.

If you are having a tough time answering this question and don’t have one,

then you either should make it a priority to seek one.

Once you identify that purpose you will find it much easier to do the things that need to get done.

Having a purpose means that you live and work for something significant or important.

It may matter only to your loved one,

your family,

a friend,

or the company you work for,

or most yourself…

but having a purpose makes all of the difference.

Taking it another step forward, this purpose will drive your future actions.

Following a purpose in your life means that you’ll always know where you should be headed

and what you should be doing.

Going back to the great days, not so great days and bad days.

We all have bad days or at least the either start out that way or

something causes us to have a bad one.

The quickest way to change the outcome that day or on that project…

is to Live each day with enthusiasm.

Allow yourself a designated amount of time for your "pity party" and then get moving.

Vent, speak in confidence, go outside and scream at the top of your lungs

(primal scream therapy - which was big in the 70's) and then let it go.

Make it a point to greet the new dawn with joy in your heart.

As you wake up and or go through the beginning of the new day -

make sure you smile and greet your loved ones,

friends, co-workers and acquaintance with appreciation.

With each new encounter you'll be filling your internal tank with "positive" fuel.

Precious fuel that will get you through the toughest of days.

Look around you - try and learn from the people around you.

Listen, and learn from everyone you encounter.

If you look closely you'll find that everyone has something to teach us - good or bad.

Pay close attention to people you trust and admire.

Try and emulate their good traits.

Help make the world a better place.

Volunteer to assist others whenever you can.

Pay it forward.

Take time and enjoy all of the beautiful things LIFE offers.

I personally take great joy in listening to birds..

I love meditating quietly each morning and watching the sunrise.

Slow down - stop and take in all the positive aspects of your life.

Don't get distracted with negative thoughts or people.

Minimize negative interactions.

Surround yourself with like minded positive thinkers.

Years ago I made a New Year's resolution to begin distancing myself from petty,

angry, negative or miserable people.

Seek new opportunities and friendships.

You'll soon find that positive things begin to happen.

Each day you'll encounter opportunities to grow personally and spiritually.

Embrace them.

Live - Love - Grow.

Make it a great día!

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