Love and Wisdom - always WIN.

You've heard that Love with a little bit of  Wisdom always WIN out.

No matter what the source of the problem - the hurt or the pain...

 "Love combined with wisdom always wins."

These are the six words that I grew up on - our family's mantra.

Over the years I tested it against other formulas and after struggling through

life's challenges. 

I always kept coming back to these very noble ones...








I believe that love is what is necessary to triumph.

I have lived it and seen it triumph over sibling rivalry, family discord, even divorce.

We are all in a constant stream of emotions and quite often anything,

and everything's purpose seems a bit out of focus.

Wisdom tends to bring clarity to any of Life's situations.

Even when Life may be unclear about its expectations and we of our own purpose.

It is the wise acceptance of this unknowing that leads to us to a more centered,

balanced peaceful, grateful and compassionate existance.

Life is complicated and... good or bad, love or hurt...

there is no permenance without love and wisdom in our lives.

It is through loving wisdom that we grow a sense of consciousness...

Out of loving wisdom grows gratitude and compassion...

Out of gratitidue and compassion, we are given understanding...

allowing Love and Wisdom to follow us into this world we live in that is badly in need of both.

Make it a great dia!

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