Not forgiving is wasted time.

I have to admit that not forgiving is painful.

Years ago one of my brothers and I had a falling out.

It was stupid and looking back somewhat immature.

We actually quit speaking to each other for over ten years.

Now we both now have another brother.

My brother has another brother.

And I have another brother.

We didn't always see eye to eye.

But now we actually enjoy each other's company.

We love each other.

We have been able to talk about the past without rencor.

Discussing things openly and resolving problems like close

siblings normally do.

The times we have spent together, we have enjoyed.

When we've gone just a short time and we have not been able to call

or write one another, we have told each other how much

we've missed each other.

Today I have the privilege of honoring another one of my siblings,

with the love and respect he deserves and reciprocates.

We can finally and honestly acknowledge the pain,

and hurt we unintentionally caused one another.

We can look back at our past struggles, and together discuss the plans

of one day seeing and hugging one another.

It was never this easy.

Two head strong men with even stronger ideas.

Time lost.

Valueable time lost.

Then again, most worthwhile things in life aren't easy.

Everytime we interact now, there is a palpable positive energy between us.

A special bond between two people who have always cared deeply

about one another.

I am thankful.

His family is thankful.

Today I am just so grateful that we both have been given the opportunity

to heal our relationship.

Healing a relationship on our earthly journey, while both of us still can.

Enjoy the hopefully, many years we may have and making up for lost time.

All it takes is forgiveness and reaching out.

Make peace with someone you love before it is too late.

Make it a great día!

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