The other type of enlarged heart.

How we show gratitude works to enlarge our own personal

capacity to love.

It expands our ability to live in the moment.

Gratitude moves our attention from the stress-filled "this isn’t it,"

type of thinking and into our hearts.

This quiet moment in between - the short breath we take,

serves to calm and center us.

Gratitude alone will re-center us, and add gravity so that we are capable of being

"heart centered"

That is the normal state of living we want to reach.

The balanced life that only gratitude can draw into our lives.

By taking in the moment to "Quiet" our souls,

we grow a subtle power of gratitude, one with an unending supply.

Living gratitude in all you do we allow us to speak with open honesty,

more tenderness, yet we will also tone down and quiet any

self-judgment, guilt and worry.

A grateful mind is meant to nourish you in the kindest way.

Gratitude will allow us to rest when we are tired, and to reenergize us to take

action when you feel like we can go on forever.

Gratitude by its very essence creates compassion.

We become stronger, and better able to accept the moments that come at us.

We can abandon the unnecessary and unproductive stressors of trying

to mold people, and situations to fit the images in our head.

They say that gratitude is the morning dew that breathes fresh reverence into life.

I have always found that gratitude awakens my inner kindness, the unconditional

acceptance that must live through us and in others.

Don't waste another moment… offer your best resource, to another now...

offer the best you.

Make giving openly and generously,  loving life and others a daily practice.

When we generously give of ourself, we will experience our abundant nature.

By practicing GRATITUDE we'll become less self-absorbed, even isolated 

or lonely.

We will grow calm and strong!

It will strengthen our very connection with all that is important in our life.

Make it a great día!

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