Potato slivers and vinegar..

We spent the weekend calling each other - my brothers and sisters and I.

One is in Hermosillo at a general hospital ailing from what could

be a terminal condition.

Yet through these past few days we've gotten closer -

we've all shared many forgotten memories.

We all have come to an understanding that we know our departing dates

are all pre-written somewhere..

and how we must not fear - but have faith and be grateful for the life

we have enjoyed up until now.

My sister's current illness have made us remember our Viejita.

What a wonderful and caring nurse she was.

Her ever present loving, nurturing and inspirational manner..

with a steadfast penchant of healing and knowlege of home remedies.

Whether it was with cool white handkerchiefs of vinegar and scented rose oils,

or thinly sliced potatos placed neatly side by side. 

Tiny white slivers arranged carefully onto a makeshift bandana, 

that she gently placed onto our feverish foreheads. 

I can still see the concern on her face.

Her hands were soft and gentle.

Her eyes were dark brown and bright eyed.

Her warm smile was like an early morning sun.

Somehow she would make us all feel better.

Fleeing the fever from my head,

as she pressed her calming fingers across my forehead.

"Don't worry, mi Viejito it will be gone very soon," she would command.

As she gently caressed my short locks and pulled my earlobe once for luck.

She was our eternal star.

A permanent night light that kept us safe and secure each night. 

How we loved her. 

How we miss her.

With a reciprocal love like no other..

so caring, kind, and protecting..

We are all so glad you were in our lives.

Viejita we could use your healing heart and know that you're still looking down at us.

What was that remedy that you used for a horrible tummy ache?

Reach out to your loved one today.

Make it a great dia!

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