Praying for those seven states.

I am saddened with all the terrible destruction that has covered most of the south.

Three hundred and forty people have lost their lives.

A friend of mine lives in Birmingham Alabama.

He told me abou the 80 mile long and 1 1/2 mile wide tornado that hit his

state and took many innocent lives.

He also told me that it would take years to recover and that thousands of folks

were left with the clothes on their backs.

My prayers and thoughts go out to them.

Still as I listened to the disheartening news.

I was amazed by the strength and his words and the enduring committment

to help one another get through it.

I could hear his strong sense of Faith.

As I have watched the news and seen the loss and the pain that hundreds

of the now homeless are feeling...

Many who have lost everything.

I kept hearing one voice - they all spoke of gratitude to have thier lives,

to have their loved ones safe, and just as important the support of their

community and their neighbors.

Many of us will go on with our lives not giving it a second thought.

Sort of the "out of mind out of sight," and "hurried" life mentality..

Yet somewhere tonight in Alabama, or Kentucky or anyone of the other

seven states ravaged by the tornado,

many will have no pillow to rest their head on.

They will find it hard to fall asleep.

It will be hard on them to get through the darkness.

They need our support, now.

Please offer them your kindness, extend a helping hand and your generosity.

Give what you can.

Please give the American Red Cross.

Make it a prayerful día! 

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