Tranquility today.

Some of us seek personal tranquility in our later years.

Yet tranquility, that certain quiet peace can be enjoyed much sooner.

Tranquility can come in many different shades and variations.

You might think that seeking a quiet inner peace in our youth will be elusive.

It may not even be your goal. 

But its a scientifically proven fact that having this treasured calm can really add years to one's life.

It can also bring you a more positive outlook, decrease your stress and even more restful sleep. 

For some it may be a religious search.

For others its a compatible and loving relationship. Did I say compatible?

And for others a more personal inner peace.  

I believe we've forgotten an important first step - that being how to pray.

We have also forgot how to breathe and meditate.

Lastly we over look gratitude.

The search for that simple calmness does not have to be elusive.

Seek it solemnly in your quiet times.

In your meditation.

In your daily pray.  

Be grateful.

I'm sure you will soon find that peace.

You will enjoy a tranquility that is sure to enrich your soul.

A peace that will enable you to grow in spirit.

Increasing your kindness and your generosity.

As well as improving your life ad the many wonderful relationships that are sure to come.

Make it a great día! 

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