A Tuscaloosa story of Cadie the cat.

The south slowly continues to recover.

Judy Pugh was in her Tuscaloosa, Alabama home on April 27th when a massive tornado came through that devastated the region.  

In the video I watched on the CBS channel 42, she told how a wall pinned her to ground as the twister carried her roof away.

She believes that very wall may have saved her life.

Judy appeared to have had lost nearly everything as the tornado tore her house apart.

But miraculously nearly one month later she was reunited with a beloved cat "Cadie" who she feared was gone forever.

During the tornado Judy Pugh said she rushed to her hallway along with her three cats as her entire house became flying debris, everything spinning in the air.

Then the roof blew away, and a wall fell on top of her and trapped her there.

Judy fortunately escaped with only a couple of black eyes.

But said she would have been sucked away by that tornado if weren't for a wall falling on her.

Today the  elderly lady's home is gone.

All she found were a couple of keepsakes, including crystal bowls inside her kitchen cabinet that were completely unscathed.

She thought that only two of her three cats had survived, one she hadn't seen since the tornado struck almost a month ago.

But she wouldn't give up hope, and would come back to her neighborhood looking for her lost friend every day.

Then unbelievably during the taping of a local newscast, Judy's shaggy little friend of 10 years emerged out of the debris.

"Come see your mama! Oh God love it!" she told the cat as she cuddled what appeared to be a hungry, fluffy and dirty  but apparently healthy cat.

A tender moment that brought tears to my eyes.

Judy added, Oh honey! I have everything I want now."

"I have all three cats!"

Cadie had made it through the tornado, through the day's hot and muggy temperatures and the cold of the night, over three weeks without food or water.

Reunited once again, Judy Pugh is now ready to move on with her life.

What a wonderful reminder of miracles in tragic times.

And a feel good story of the second chance, of a loving companion.

Make it a great día

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