What is your message?

We are constantly listening to and or hearing different conversations.

In a PC world, corporate etiquette is not only important but expected.

How do you come across?

Believe it or not, we truly are all "the messengers".

Every one of us express our opinions,

thoughts and our point of view in our day to day conversations.

We are constantly interacting, sharing thoughts and delivering and receiving messages.

At times we may not be clear.

Sometimes by choice.

What kind of messages are you delivering?

Do we deliver facts or do we deliver opinions?

Do we delivering less than truthful messages?

Quite often at the core of misunderstandings are rumor and lies.

Both will create conflict and are the results of someone believing a lie and or delivering one.

What kind of messenger are you?

When you speak do you express yourself honestly?

Are the meaning and intent behind your words genuine?

What kind of message are your children, loved ones, your siblings,

your parents, or colleagues hearing from you?

What kind of message do you choose to deliver?

Is it one of truth?

Our choice is to deliver words of truth.

Respectful and kind.

What is your message?

Always communicate openly and honestly.

Make it a great dia!

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