Will you?

I wanted to pick up the blog discussion on how one's message can be percieved.

Gossiping at its core is very detrimental to any sort of trust.

I read that people gossip for a wide variety of reasons..

to fit in,

because they feel inferior,

they are seeking some type of revenge,

to fill in a conversation,

or some just because that's is how they have learned to communicate. 

Are you a messenger of gossip?

Have you ever took stock of the drama that comes as a result of believing in lies?

What type of message are you delivering about yourself?

What is the message?

Do you respect others?

Do you like yourself?

What kind of life are you creating for yourself?

What kind of message do you deliver to the people you love the most?

People will always deliver messages to you,

and its up to you how you will perceive their messages.

How do these messages affect you?

If you’re delivering somebody else’s messages,

whose messages are you delivering?

How many of those messages are you still delivering now?

What will make a difference in the messages you deliver?

The answer is truth.

Make sure that your messages are honest. 

The effect of your words, the effect of your actions,

the effect of your presence on other people all come from your message.

As soon as you become aware of the power of your word,

you will be able to change the way you communicate with yourself and others.

You must admit that you know exactly what you’re doing,

and whatever you’re doing is honest or gossip.

It’s your decision, it’s your choice.

Can you go through the entire day without speaking ill of anyone?

If you are prone to gossiping can you make a conscious effort to not gossip?

Try and do it for an entire day.. and entire week.

Make it a dia of honest communication!

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