Are the others listening?

As some of you may know back in my military days, I spent time in the Middle East.

Since then I have remained interested in their culture, cuisine, religion and politics.

I loved Lebanon, my trips to Israel and the time I spent in Jordan.

This year the events that have transpired in that part of our world have rekindled many good memories.

Having lived there I can say without much doubt that these events are not religiously inspired.

Not religiously led, or even religiously influenced.

I've heard too often lately that these revolts as Islamic in nature, especially of the Radical Islamic kind.

That tells me that the media has the story to a large extent incorrect. 

It speaks of a lazy or ignorant man's answer to understanding these revolts.

If we take a look at their governing figures we find that..

President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali had been in power in Tunisia for 24 years.

President Hosni Mubarek stepped down, after ruling more than 30 years.

The on going protests against Col. Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi that began in early February, were sparked by the success of the revolts in Tunisia and Egypt.

By the way Gaddafi has been in power there for over 42 years.

In Yemen the people are demanding the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who has ruled that country for 32 years.

In Bahrain the Bin Hamad al-Khalifa ruling family has been in power over 200 years.

Yes, these revolts are not religious in nature.

They were born out of their people's frustration.

People that feel the are politically disenfranchised, and who are facing very hard economic challenges.

These rolling rebellions in Bahrain, Egypt, Libya and Yemen… are similar to the protests and revolutions that swept through Europe in 1848.

Each country faced different  problems but the underlying cause was the same.

The people felt politically powerless in these absolutist monarchies.

Then like now they were demanding control over their lives. 

Africa and the middle east is now caught in the same 1848 moment.

Other undemocratic governments are also worried that their oppressed and bitterly silenced populations might begin to speak.

I wonder if Saudi-Arabia, Syria, or Iran are listening?

Make it a prayer filled dia!

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