Before you go..

We hurry through our day, many times at too fast a clip to show gratitiude.

Today, make it a point to thanks everyone who has been kind.

Sure we can remember to send that person an e-mail later,

but how much powerful it would be  to tell them how much you appreciated them?

Gratitude is not shown in silence, we must show gratitude by sharing it with someone.

Gratitude is a way of sharing our joy with another.

In our family my Viejita (Mother), would light a candle to the image of

the Virgin of Guadalupe to show her gratitude.

It was a symbolic sign of her reverence that shared her Faith and Joy,

with everyone who saw the flame of that votive candle.

It reminded them to show their gratitude, too.

Can you imagine going a day without showing and sharing your gratitude?

How many opportunities do we get throughout the day to share our happiness?

We need to show gratitude in our actions each day.

Gratitude is not just a way of thinking and not something to left for another day.

Being grateful, and demonstrating our gratitude through our compassion.

and our tolerance matters.

You'll find that Gratitude strengthens one's relationship with God and with others.

Begin today by committing to show your gratitude with others,

whenever you have the opportunity.

Don't worry about measuring or justifying someone's deed or action, no matter the size.

I also try and find ways to demonstrate my gratitude with nature.

I feed the birds; woodpeckers, jaybirds, sparrows and cardinals, a large possum,

an errant gang of four squirrels and even a hawk.

I am a sound believer that action gives life to intentions.

If we look for ways to show our gratitude, we will find more and more to be grateful for.

Make it a grateful día.

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