Can you give me a hand?

Someone once asked me if I had ever really made a difference in

someone's life?

I thought for a minute and remembered several times

when I could have done more.

Still, if we made a difference to one person, just one person then we

could say our life was a success.

It doesn't have to be monetary.

It could be helping someone in need of a friend, or saving them

from loneliness, or helping someone from making a stupid mistake.

Then maybe then we could say our contribution was of significance.

But the best of Life comes from not just helping one person,

but going through Life and searching for opportunities

to helping as many people as possible.

Then we begin a chain of people helping people -

a pay it forward chain, where the very people

we "helped" go on to help others..

and those help others, and so on.

Make it a caring - hand up kind of día!

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