Determination and drive - A plan and a goal.

With Memorial Holiday still on my mind I'd like to write about goals and having vision.

At home like in business we must always have, a set course.

We must not lose our way and always have a goal to shoot for.

When we have in our sights that which we want, we will be much more likely to gain it.

If on the other hand we don't have a goal or set destination, we'll always feel lost.

The tip is to always have a goal.

That and to try hard to never lose your way.

It reminds me of one of my favorite war movies. one called, "The Longest Day."

If you have never watched it, the movie chronicles the Allied invasion of June 6, 1944.

The movie depicts the German, French, and Allied activities

surrounding the D-Day invasion that spurred the end to the war in Europe.

General Cota played by Robert Mitchum helps to motivate the troops

to get off Omaha Beach and overcome German opposition.

But just prior to the D-Day invasion, General Cota tells his troops,

". . . The little discrepancies that we tried to correct in the amphibious training center are going to be magnified and are going to give way to incidents that you might at first view as chaotic. The air and naval bombardment and the artillery support are reassuring. But you're going to find confusion. The landing craft aren't going in on schedule and people are going to be landed in the wrong place. Some won't be landed at all. The enemy will to some degree prevent our gaining lodgement. But we must improvise, carry on, not lose our heads."

In his short motivational speech, Cota tells his men about the realities of war,

that in a battle, no battle plan survives the initial attack intact.

He goes on to explain that nothing ever goes totally according to plan,

how things go against you, how timetables slip, and or move up.

Things change, and what matters is how we adapt, and move toward the goal.

These words, given by a field commander to his troops,

teaches us one of the great lessons of living life, and that is that things change.

We must always be ready to improvise, to carry on, and never lose our heads.

As an ex-military man I can tell you that every battle plan, has an objective,

a task to be accomplished, and a goal to be reached.

The goal is always clear, the task is certain, the objective is determined.

Even when we had upsets, if my troops and I kept moving toward the objective,

adjusting cautiously as we went, then more often than not, we always attained the goal.

In our own lives, some of us start by not knowing where we're going,

not understanding what our objective is, not realizing what goals we wish to reach.

And some of us continue down that path for the rest of our lives.

We end up accomplishing very little, because we've never set a plan,

a goal or vision and followed through with it.

We need to become more like the soldiers in the movie…

an army with a set goal.

Then be as determined and driven as these soldiers were on D Day.

Make it a great día!

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