If I could just change?

"What could I do to change my life?

I am sure that you've asked yourself that same question before.

Whether wanting to change bad habits such as smoking, alcohol

or eating too manysweets,

possibly a job that has become intolerable, even a long term relationship.

Maybe it's something that is no longer meeting your needs or just something

in your life that seems to need a change for the good.

We all know that change is not easy.

Especially changing the way we are used to living. 

Now that requires a lot of patience and persistence.

Taking that first step means realizing that change will take

some degree of self sacrifice.

It will cause us to feel a mix of emotions.

After all we are leaving something behind, sometimes more comfortable,

but still it’s a personal separation of sorts.

Even if we know darn well that it has been hurting us, devastating us

or we know it is just not good for us.

It has been a part of us, it's familiar, comfortable, enjoyable,

and or perhaps even something that we have come to love.

Yet all change is possible.

Even if we have tried many times and never achieved it.

Many of us have set ambitious targets for the day, week, month or the year.

Yet after a few days or a few weeks we end up with a bitter taste of failure.

What seems as a permenant set back that stays deep within us.

Still the reason we fail is because we've set up too high of an expectation.

Where we haven't allowed ourselves to be happy and enjoy the smaller successes.

So we forget and Instead of celebrating the small successes,

we punish ourselves with negative thoughts.

Thoughts that soon create doubt, that end up making it difficult for us to continue.

We tend to all want things now.

We want to see changes now

And yet when we see that our dreams are not being realized quick enough,

we abandon our efforts altogether and return to our old habits.

Why? Because it's easier!

That is how we've conditioned ourselves to do in the past.

But changing something in your life is truly a process,

and any change will take time.

It is a lifestyle change.

Long-term change success is a process that will require persistence,

patience, and much determination.

If we are to change some of those bad habits such as smoking,

daily high alcohol consumption, or prescription abuse, our poor diet

or our sedentary lifestyle..

we have to change the way we approach life.

The first step we need to take is to begin thinking that change is possible,

seeing our new selfs, that we can change.

We have to be positive.

Always be self-affirming.

Reminding ourselves that we can do this!

The next step is to plan and set goals.

We have to have a plan.

One that sets up the steps and or daily accountable points in our journey.

 You can do what I have done, and start by making it a part

of your daily schedule.

Write down reminders - tape them on the bathroom mirror

or even better if you can laminate them, and then stick them up where

you will see them daily in your shower. 

We have to make the time for our own personal development.

Transforming our thoughts into self-improvement actions.

Start by simpliying the daily routine, which will result in further time savings

needed for our personal development.

We have to start dreaming about what our new life will look like!
We must make time and really remind ourself throughout the day of that new life. 

Never ever stop dreaming!

Just what would you like to achieve in your life, your relationships and your career?

Work out all the details in your mind.

Visualize them, and think about all the rewards to come.

This step will make us feel better about the challenges we may begin

experiencing and help us stay on track and reach our goals.

If you begin to doubt ourself in any way STOP!

Think away any negative thoughts and fears.

Forget any past set backs and think of each step as being one step closer

to the goal or dream.

Change is about taking control of our life, it's one moment,

one day and one step at a time.

Eventually we will be able to change our lifestyle, and begin enjoying and living

the life that we've only dreamed about.

Make it a great "CAN DO" kind of día!

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