If I was saying goodbye.

I was asked recently how I would say goodbye to someone I loved?

Saying goodbye is never easy.

No matter what the reasons are, she or he could be relocating for work or choosing a different path in life.

Saying goodbye is always painful.

If you have to say goodbye - here's what I suggest…

Take a moment and accept that the person maybe gone for a long time or even forever.

From this point on, you should try and spend as much time as possible with him/her. 

Go to your favorite hang outs, do something memorable together.

Try and make all your last moments together special.

Write down all your magical moments.

Then create a card and or a special present so that they will always have something to remember you by.

If you can see her/him off at the airport, bus or train station.

Once they have moved away, you must work to keep in contact.

Call them, text them or email or yes, write them. 

Make it a priority to always stay in contact.

Remind them that the love for each other will never end.

Cry if you must and let go of all your emotions.

I promise you it will get easier.

Make it a great día!

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