Four tenets to recognize and avoid.

I have been privileged to have lived all over the world.

I have also made it a habit of studying a few of the belief systems,

and religions of the world.

From my own personal Faith centered in Roman Catholicism,

as well as Judaism, Buddhism, Mormonism, as well as Baptist,

and Methodist religions.

I still enjoy reading and studying what others believe. 

In my reading recently I came across what were said to be the

four tenants in the quest for enlightenment:

1. I’ve been victimized.

2. I’m entitled to more.

3. I’ll be rescued.

4. Someone else is to blame.

It made me think, what if the rest of the world could somehow realize the negative,

and powerful force that these basic tenants create.

What if we underwent a paradyme shift..

I can only imagine how much better off people would be…

thriving and undoubtedly living a happier existence.

No matter your religion - if we all practiced being a better human being,

can you imagine the grand possibilities that we could create?

Make it a great dia! 

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