Manifest your reality.

Over the years the way I've made inroads and enjoyed success,

only when I was working hard at fulfilling my purposeful space.

Whether at home, at school, in the military or at the office. 

I have no doubt that we all have the power to make our dreams a reality.

I speak about personal accountability to my folks all the time.

It begins there. 

I tell them that they can manifest in their lives, the very lives they choose to live.

Yet,like I remind them, too often we take shortcuts that end up costing us more work,

expend our energies or end up frustrating us to no end.

I believe we can and must change the self limiting mindset.

The one that says, we're destined to only certain successes.

That in Life one doesn't ever get everything they want.

With this type of short changed mentality, we begin to self doubt.

We start to believe that things somehow will never go our way.

I can't imagine driving on such a narrow path.

What we think and our own personal outlook are self-fulfilling.

If we set the expectation low..

then expect that life to work out according to "that" standard,  your standard.

We fulfill our expectations.

On a previous post I wrote about being what we think.

Many great philosophers view that life is an expression of the mind.

I too am a firm believer in attracting the outcomes on which I focus and think about.

Everything I have ever achieved, I achieved because I wanted it "bad" enough.

I never gave up and kept reaching for it.

If we can think it, we can achieve it.

We all have the power to shape the reality of our successes and our lives.

Choose to manifest it!

Make it a great dia! 

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