Start of my day..

Meditation and prayer have always been an important part of my life.

Being Grateful and having Gratitude is also the foundation to my mornings.

I have a prayer I recite each morning that I would like to share,

"Thank you for the this day.

Thank you for the strength to complete the tasks you have entrusted me.

Thank you for guiding me through the many challenges that I will meet.

Thank you for the conviction and determination to overcome obstacles in my path and for keeping me resolute when difficulties arise.

Thank you for your protection and that of my loved ones, my colleagues and their families.

Thank you for any good I may have done along the way.

Thank you for the Peace of mind, Kindness of spirit, my Serenity, and for giving me Courage,

and granting me Wisdom.

I know that I will go to bed tonight with the satisfaction that I finished one more race.

Make it a grateful dia!

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