What kind of Father's legacy are you leaving?

Today is Father's Day!

Feliz dia del Padre!

A day where Father across the USA, Mexico, 

and Latin America are celebrated.

Most of you never had the privilege of knowing my father.

He was a very special man, who taught me about integrity, about honor,

about hard work and even about boxing, bull fighting,

and water color painting.

For those and many other reasons, today, I want to celebrate him.

I want to also proudly say that he is my legacy.

He gifted me the gift of determination, perseverance, motivation,

self confidence and Faith.

All important to my heritage, my son's and to my own life.

I can't count the number of times that I have had to reach back,

and borrow from his legacy just to make it through one more day.

We all live very busy lives.

We go through our lives working hard to ensure that our families are

well taken care of, protected and cared for.

We are also tasked to build a legacy that someday someone else

will also have to draw from.

Parenting is tough.

We need to remind ourselves that our legacy is not what kind of a parent I am..

but what kind of a person I am?

Parenthood begins with personhood.

Our children don't ask what does my Dad do, how much money does he

bring home, or how successful is he?

They talk to their friends and are always asking each other,

"What kind of Father is your Father?

Our children are not concerned with our resume or credentials!

What they are watching and listening for is "Does Daddy love Mommie?"

One of the greatest needs in a child's life, is how Dad is treating Mom.

Their sense of security is what wraps them in the same bond that ties

the partnership between their Mom and Dad.

Even if it means living with sacrifice, meeting their needs, at times sacrificing

our own dreams, personal time and our agendas.

It's being unconditionally sensitive to their needs.

Being a Father is the most important job we will ever have.

Our child or children are born into our families with wide eyed expectations,

that we as Fathers are  going to meet their needs.

Funny it's never been about who we are, or where we are going, not even the title,

or business card that are in our wallets.

Not to them.

Not a single one of them.

Do you want to know what our children are impressed with?

Simple things.

Our love. 

Our children only want our love.

They want our time.

And they want our attention.

Too busy you may say, too busy for what?

What kind of legacy are you building?

How many times have you been silly or funny this week? 

How odten have you played a prank on your children?

Or allowed them to play one on you and not get bent out of shape?

Wasn't it fun watching their smiles and seeing them roll over with laughter?

What about stepping into their world?

When was the last time you played piggy back?


Joined a make believe dinner with your little princess?

Let your little one paint your nails or brush your hair?

One day, not very far from today you will wish a thousand times..

that you had just one more opportunity back!

This Father's Day begin anew.

Don't be afraid or too busy to build your BEST legacy.

It starts with what kind of Father you are now..

poured into what kind of a partner you are now,

together given as a gift as a Father to your children.

Here's hoping that you will grant your children the greatest gift

that you can ever leave them,

the legacy of having been one!

Happy Father's Day!  Feliz Dia del Padre!

Make it a great dia!

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