Winning the war..

Have we won the war on terror?

I believe we must conitnue to live without fear or constant worrying.

We must never change how we live out of fear.

We can't ever give away our personal freedom.

You must make a personal decision to not be afraid, and to quit worrying.

That another act of terrorism may occur is a given.

Although I pray it doesn't ever happen again..

especially the likes of the ones that occurred in New York, Philadelphia or DC.

But if it ever does, we must quickly reset our nerve.

We must get on with our lives quickly.

I feel terrorism will win, if we ever allow it to paralyze us with fear.

When we react to it, what ever it may be.

When we react in a way that we cause things to change and in a drastic and detrimental way.

Only then is when the economy will take a serious hit,

only then will the geopolitical landscape shift,

and only then is when ideologies will take drastic changes.

Looking back I feel as if we have already won that war.

We will not give away our personal freedoms to terrorist.

We may have momentarily allowed them to give us pause.

But we will never let them control our lives.

We must understand what the real threat is.

That the real threat is fear.

Then again… like FDR stated in his 1933 Inaugural speech, 

"There is nothing to fear, but fear itself!"

Make it a great dia! 

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