Rational or irrational worrying?

Some of us can be a bit irrational when it comes to the things we worry about.

I have always been of the philosophy that excessive worrying is irrational.

However, if you’re going to worrying, you might as well worry about the right things.

The stuff that should really keep you up at night.

I recently read in an old Reader's Digest about how Americans, won’t buy Japanese vegetables because of the fear of radiation in them.

Yet we’ll go out and buy "Biggie Size" fried foods and all sorts of vending machine junk food.

But get this… over 700,000 Americans die from high cholesterol each year.

A full 37% worry about another terrorist attacks, yet 20% of us don’t even bother to wear seat belts.

Thousands of us buy all sorts of high priced air purifiers and spend hundreds of dollars on water purifiers and bottled water, yet 2/3 of us are lingering on being obese.

What if we spent a dollar a day for a gym membership instead? 

I think too many of us are worrying about the things we can't control, and yet don’t worry or worse neglect the things which are within our control.

What about getting physically fit, or putting on our seat belt, or not talking or texting while driving?

Or doing your make-up, hair and even shaving while driving.

That's it..

Starting today I am going to be much more judicious over what I worry about!

It just adds more stress to our already stressful lives and doesn’t accomplish anything.

Some of us are really do worry about the wrong things.. but to me it’s truly irrational that we even worry some of those things at all.

Make it a sensible and worry free dia! 

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