Buenos Dias - Gratitude.

People that know me know that I am an early riser.

I love waking up at dawn (most times before) in a humble state of gratitude,

for a new dawn, thankful for all that I have been blessed with in my life;

my family, good health, good friends and most of all my peaceful life.

Since a child I have made it a point to begin my days on my knees

(lessons from my Viejita and some from my Alter boy career).

Taking in my first breaths and observations in quiet prayer and thanksgiving.

Gratitude ha got to be the most profound form of thanks, one can show -

for everything in their lives - both seen and unseen.

And we have to remember that no matter how complicated our lives may become,

there are always wonderful and valuable moments co-existing there.

Life is about learning to appreciate our loved ones and friends even more -

and being grateful for all they do for us.

Knowing that nothing is expected in return but a simple thanks.

We must also be grateful when we are going through tough times.

Why you ask?

Its easier done when we see our hard times on a gradient scale.

Remember there are always different degrees of hard times -

and we can take the worst situation and find something positive.

While it may be easier to feel gratitude when we are experiencing a

positive experience or people in our lives, to ignore negative situations

and experiences that life is teaching us, will decrease our ability to identify

opportunities to renew our spirit.

Gratitude in the morning is one's set point for our personal quest for meaning.

Make it a great día!

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