Why would we purposely allow people, places and things to cause

our lives to become cluttered?

Why do we hold on to unnecessary baggage?

To unhealthy relationships.

Bad habits?

If you could quickly unclutter your life - where would you begin?

Some theories talk about our inability to let go.

Psychologists say it's about fear of change.

Fear of the unknown.

So if we are to unclutter our lives, we must be empowered.

Empowering ourselves to deal with the excess baggage we

have allowed to encroach out lives.

The weighted relationships that we are dragging along.

We have to learn to deal with certain people and not allowing them

to encroach or violate our boundaries.

Same goes for places and things that we have allowed dominion

over our emotions.

We teach others how to treat us.

So again we have to be empowered and take a stand.

It is after all time to take back our space, our life.

It will take time to declutter our lives.

After all it took time to clutter them.

In order to move forward we will need to focus on three

important areas:

how we think,

how we act,

and how we feel.

Thoughts, actions and emotions.

Seems like a heavy order.

No heavier than what we've been lugging around all this time though.

We have to change our way of thinking,

change the way we typically do things,

and change our way of feeling towards things.

It starts right now.

Make it an empowered día!

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