Did I understand you correctly?

To avoid misunderstandings one should work to work to "understand,"

rather than be "understood."

We all have been there… we know how it feels to have a misunderstanding. 

When something is miss- communicated.

One minute you are thinking or doing something well,

and the very next moment you are in the middle of a disagreement.

Sometimes you get caught up feeling as if you were dis-respected. 

At that very instant, you have a choice to pretend everything is okay or

you can discuss it and work it out.

You decide what approach will allow you two to understand

where each of you were coming from.

But the initial state of being must be one that comes from a "an ego-less" state.

One where you are not feeling that your ego is under attack. 

After all it was a miss-communication.

Was there any malicious intent?

Was it an honest "jump to conclusion" on anyone's side?

We all have the right to be respected, but more important

we must all work to be respectful. 

Don't ever automatically take offense - or jump to a conclusion.

It is amazing how we feel as if we are being disrespected,

then we instantly have the right to be disrespectful. 

If you react from a different state of being, you will be able to

get to the source of the misunderstanding much faster.

Next time take a moment and try and understand the other point of view,

before you try and make your point.


Make it a great día!

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