You might have thought I was going to blog about the song.

My son once asked me what meant more to me - admiration or respect.

I thought about it and answered, that it would be nice

"to be liked" or "admired."

I mean who doesn't like to be liked and admired.

"No," I said, "I would rather be able to earn respect."

Respect was always an important topic of discussion at our house

growing up.

Coming from very humble beginnings - our word,

and our integrity were all we had.

My Father would say, "If there is one thing I can teach you,

it would be to learn to show respect for others.

We don’t need to like them all or even feel they are deserving of our respect,

but our behavior should always be a respectful one."

He would add, "No matter your size or money in your pocket,

you'll be seen as the bigger person."

Be that bigger person today.

Make it a great día!

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